Donald Trump Wears Mask for the First Time

For the very first time since the outbreak of COVID-19, American President was seen wearing a mask in public.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, wearing masks have become compulsory in many parts of the world. Many health officials have advised wearing masks and face covers as a way to protect from COVID-19. However, since the virus spread,USA President Donald Trump, never wore a mask in public. Many political leaders in the USA encouraged people to wear masks. Trump, however, has declined to wear a mask at news conferences, coronavirus task force updates, rallies and other public events. On condition of anonymity, people close to him said that Trump feared a mask would make him look weak and was concerned that it shifted focus to the public health crisis rather than the economic recovery. 

The wearing of masks became another political dividing line, with Republicans more resistant to wearing them than Democrats. Few masks were seen at recent Trump campaign events in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Phoenix, Arizona and South Dakota. President Donald Trump wore a mask for the first time, during a visit to a military hospital on Saturday in Washington D.C. Trump went there by helicopter. When he stepped out of the helicopter he did not wear a mask. But later when he entered the hospital he was seen wearing a mask. 

Trump said, “When you're in a hospital, especially ... I think it's a great thing to wear a mask." In the past Trumps has expressed mixed feelings about masks. Now lets see if he continues to wear masks in the future.