APAD Donates to Andhra Pradesh CM Relief Fund

Andhra Pradesh Association of the Deaf along with 5 other associations in Andhra Pradesh came together to contribute funds to the Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister’s fund.

Andhra Pradesh's APAD works to advocate for Deaf unemployed individuals to ensure they receive equal status in the society. APAD's President is C.Mahesh and General Secretary is S.Chantibabu. APAD wanted to support the Chief Minister's Relief Fund to help battle the coronavirus. APAD worked in coordination with 5 different associations in Andhra Pradesh. APAD, APHHEA which is a government employee association, SFDAP a sports associations, APFDW a women's association, APMSD a matrimonial service association, they all worked together and secured donations. The total amount raised by all the associations was Rs 8,61,915. The APAD then took up the responsibility to hand over the cheque. APAD and the other 5 associations worked in unity along with APAD's 13 affiliate associations in Andhra Pradesh to help raise funds. We applaud their efforts to help battle COVID19.