GFDW Helps Deaf Community During Lockdown

Gujarat Foundation of the Deaf Women raised funds to distribute food and support women in 8 cities of Gujarat.

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat the Gujarat Foundation of the Deaf Women was founded on 2nd October 2017.

Their aim is to support women in making handicrafts and other activities. They help women who are suffering with marital problems. GFDW also helps women with unemployment and encourages them in various fields. GFDW's President is Nirmala Chopra. She saw that many were suffering due to the COVID outbreak. Ms. Chopra then discussed with the Board and raised funds. GFDW raised funds and distributed food not only in Ahmedabad but in 8 cities in Gujarat. Have a look.


GFDW transferred money to each of these 8 places. After which food was purchased and distributed in these places. The food was distributed all over on 15th August. GFDW helped these 8 places to distribute food to women. The women were very happy and thankful to GFDW. GFDW worked in coordination with the 8 cities with the aim to eliminate COVID19. Cheers to their hard work.