MDAD Helps Deaf in Malappuram During Lockdown

The Malappuram District Association of the Deaf (MDAD) distributed food to poor Deaf individuals in Kerala to help them make ends meet during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 many Deaf are suffering in India. The AKAD which stands for the All Kerala Association of the Deaf in Trichur, Kerala then encouraged many associations to help such people. When Malappuram's MDAD which stands for the Malappuram District Association of the Deaf, heard about this they decided to do something. Their objective has always been to encourage the Deaf.

MDAD's President is Muhammed Rashin. K. and their Joint-Secretary is Arjun. MDAD is affiliated with 7 clubs in Malappuram. They are also affiliated with the KDYF, DEF(K), KDWF and MDSCD. An executive member from each of the 7 clubs were asked to make a list of Deaf individuals who are suffering.

MDAD had funds, but they were insufficient. The association then asked the 4 other associations for their support. They agreed and this helped to collect funds. Sugar, rice, and 12 other food items were ordered.

MDAD has done a fantastic job of organizing this initiative. The President and General Secretary of 7 clubs were involved in distributing food. They were many who approached MDAD saying they were unable to collect the food because of heavy police security.

The MDAD then wrote a letter and requested the police for permission. The police realized they were doing an important deed by distributing food. The police permitted then to distribute food if they practise all safety measures. This is how they were able to deliver food to 7 taluks and the 7 clubs in the taluks then distributed food. Deaf individuals were very happy to receive the food. If MDAD would not have worked in unity with the other association, then it would have been difficult to distribute food. MDAD worked in unity with the 7 associations and everyone supported each other. Their aim is to eliminate COVID-19.