Oxygen Langars - A Ray Of Hope

Delhi comes up with ‘Oxygen Langars’ to help COVID patients. Watch our latest video to learn more.

There is a severe shortage of medical oxygen all over the country and specially in Delhi. But now there is help for people needing oxygen in Delhi. You all are aware about langars in Gurudwara where free food is served to all the visitors. Now these Gurdwaras have started a new type of langar called oxygen langars. Oxygen Langars have come up at four places in Delhi. These places are Tagore Garden, GK-1 Gurdwara, 

Rajouri Garden gurudwara and at Kirti Nagar. They provide free oxygen to people suffering from covid-19. 

Manpreet Singh, a volunteer of NGO Voice of Voiceless, said, "We offer free oxygen to around 300 people daily at Tagore Garden in West Delhi. We start at around 11.30 am and work for around 12 hours till the oxygen finishes. Each patient gets oxygen depending on one’s condition - in some cases, it is required for only half-an-hour, for others, it could be needed for a couple of hours. Some patients sit in their cars and wait their turn while others are made to lie down on beds. After we give oxygen we request them that once their oxygen level is normal, they should leave as there are many others in the queue.” He added that the parking area is also being used for keeping 15 beds. Paper slips are given to patients so that they get oxygen as per their turn and need. The chain runs smoothly. All are equal before them – the condition of the patients is important only. Singh says the NGO spends around Rs 80,000 per day on oxygen. These Gurdwaras are spending a lot of money on oxygen but they say their human lives are more important.