India Govt Starts Vaccinating Pregnant Women

In its latest statement, the Union Health Ministry said pregnant women “can and should” get the COVID vaccine.

National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) had a meeting on May 28 & recommended that pregnant women should also be vaccinated. Now the Ministry of Health & Welfare has released a statement saying pregnant women “can and should” get the COVID vaccine. The Ministry has released a set of guidelines to guide frontline workers and vaccinators on counselling pregnant women. 

It says that although more than 90 percent of infected pregnant women recover without any need for hospitalisation, rapid deterioration in health may occur in a few and that might affect the foetus also. This is why the government has advised that a pregnant woman should take COVID-19 vaccine as it is very safe. 

NTAGI recommended the following safety precautions for pregnant women to get the vaccine :

Pregnant women should be fully informed about the adverse effects if they get infected with the coronavirus and they must be told about the benefits of vaccination.

It is recommended that they follow the 30 minutes of in-hospital observation rule post-vaccination. 

COVID-19 vaccine can be provided any time during pregnancy. 

Women with BP, diabetes, etc. have also been advised to get vaccinated to protect themselves from the virus. 

However, if you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before getting vaccinated. Every case may be different. Consult your doctor and follow their instructions.