PAD Distribute Food & Mask to 120 Individuals

Prayagraj Association of the Deaf, PAD, in Uttar Pradesh, has distributed food and masks to 12o individuals during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh was renamed Prayagraj on 16th October 2018. Henceforth, Allahabad would be known as Prayagraj. In Prayagraj there is an association named Prayagraj Association of the Deaf, PAD.

Their President is Abhishek Agarwal and their General Secretary is Abdul Mateen. Since PM Modi has extended the lockdown four times now, the board members discussed it and agreed to help people. Due to insufficient funds, PAD approached many in the Prayagraj society and collected funds.PAD's board members then contributed as well. They purchased items such as Rice, Wheat, Oil, etc. However they needed masks, which they purchased as well. They packed all the food items including the masks as well.

There were a total of 120 packages. Mr Agarwal, the President inquired about Deaf that were suffering.

People knew about one Deaf person, who did not use mobile. PAD managed to trace the individual and gave him the food package. They looked for others and distributed food to them. There were some single women living alone. PAD distributed food to them as well. They distributed food packages including masks to 24 Deaf individuals. Secondly, there is a branch where there were 76 People with Disabilities. PAD distributed food and masks to them as well. PAD also met many poor homeless people on the streets and distributed food to them. 

Near the PAD association in Prayagraj, there were hearing individuals who were suffering and wanted help.

PAD helped them and distributed food to 20 such people. They helped a total 120 individuals. Everyone was very happy.