Russia: Putin’s Daughter Receives COVID Vaccine

Russia declared itself the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine with President Vladimir Putin saying one of his daughters had been inoculated.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a televised video conference call with government ministers said, “In 1960 Sputnik 5 was the first satellite with animals (2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 42 mice, 2 rats and fruit flies)  to be successfully launched into space and bring them back successfully to earth. Just like Russia was the first in History to launch a satellite in space, Russia has now become the first country to make a successful covid vaccine and register it. The vaccine is safe and boosts immunity” The President also said one of his 2 daughters was given the vaccine. He said that she took part in the trials and developed a fever after the second injection. But that’s it, she is fine now. The Russian vaccine has been developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute in coordination with the Russian defence ministry and other government bodies.

Scientists in the west have raised concerns about the speed of development of Russian vaccines, suggesting that researchers might be cutting corners and coming under pressure from authorities to deliver. The World Health Organization said if any vaccine wants approval from the WHO then they will have to share all the Data and WHO will do a strict review to see if it's safe or not. UN agency's spokesman Tarik Jasarevic in Geneva, Switzerland said, “ We are in close contact with the Russian health authorities and discussions are ongoing about approvals for the vaccine." 

The Russian National Wealth Fund (a fund created by the government to make investments across the world) is funding vaccine research. Officials have said Phase 3 trials of the vaccine will begin today 12th August and many people will be given the vaccines. 

Industrial production of the vaccine is expected to start from September. They have received orders from more than 20 countries for the vaccine. They have received orders for more than 100 crore doses. 

Russia is ready to manufacture 50 crore doses of vaccine per year in five countries.