Mumbai Unlock : New Rules Start From 7th June 2021

The Maharashtra government has announced a five-level plan to unlock various cities and districts in the state based on the Covid positivity rate and occupancy of oxygen beds.

The Maharashtra government has announced a five-level unlock plan for the phased opening of the ongoing lockdown in the state beginning Monday. The five-level unlock plan is based on Covid positivity rate and the availability of oxygen beds in the state. 

Level 1 : Cities and districts with less than 5 percent positivity rate and less than 25 per cent occupancy of oxygenated beds will fall in this category. 

Level 2 : Cities and areas having less than 5 percent positivity and oxygenated bed occupancy between 25 and 40 per cent will come under this category. 

Level 3: Cities and areas with positivity between 5 percent and 10 percent, or oxygenated bed occupancy more than 40 per cent will fall in the category. 

Level 4: Areas having positivity between 10 percent and 20 per cent, or having oxygenated bed occupancy of more than 60 per cent come under this.

Level 5: These are areas having a positivity rate of more than 20 per cent, or having oxygenated bed occupancy of more than 75 per cent. This category is theoretical at the moment; there is not a single district or city that falls under this category as of now

The degree of relaxation has been decided as per the level of severity of Covid-19 in those districts.  Mumbai has been classified as level 3. 

What’s open, what’s shut in Mumbai:

  1. Local trains will be only available for medical and essential services. 

  2. Buses in Mumbai will operate at full capacity, but overcrowding will be prohibited. 

  3. Restaurants, spas, salons, wellness centres can open from Monday at 50 percent capacity, the BMC said in an order. 

  4. Shops dealing with essential items will be permitted to open till 4 pm on all days. 

  5. Shops dealing with non-essential items can open on weekdays till 4 pm. 

  6. Malls and theatres will remain closed. 

  7. Restaurants can open for dining at 50 percent capacity till 4 pm on weekdays 

  8. All private offices will only be allowed to function with 50 percent capacity till 4pm on working days. 

  9. Social, cultural, and entertainment gathering allowed at 50% capacity till 4 pm on weekdays. 

  10. Only 50 people will be permitted at marriages, 20 people at funerals.