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Woman Turns Green Like Shrek After Using Fake Tan

In England, a lady’s skin turned green after using a dark fake tan. She joked that looked like Shrek.

Nagpur Woman Files Fake Gang-Rape Complaint

In Nagpur, more than a thousand policemen spent five to six long hours scanning CCTV footage from across the city and questioning dozens of people.

Sameer Wankhede Made Fake SC/ST Certificate for Job

Multiple allegations of extortion & forgery have been levelled against NCB official Sameer Wankhede who is investigating the Aryan Khan case.

Society In Mumbai Scammed into Fake Vaccine Camp

A housing society in Mumbai's Kandivali area has complained to police that it was apparently cheated by some persons who organized a COVID-19 vaccination camp.

Gujarat Student Fakes COVID to Skip Exams

A student in Gujarat faked a covid outbreak in her school, so that the school would cancel the offline exams.

Journalist Nidhi Razdan offered Fraudulent Job at Harvard University

Journalist Nidhi Razdan, working in NDTV for 21 years, has been a victim of an online phishing attack. Watch our video to know more about it.

Be Careful of Fake Taj Hotel Offers

There's a viral message being shared extensively on WhatsApp groups offering a free stay at Taj hotels. Watch our latest video to know whether it is true or not.

Man Buys Porsche with Fake Cheque

A man was arrested in Florida, USA for issuing a fake cheque to buy a luxury Porsche car.

Fake Oximeter App to Steal Mobile Data

Cybercriminals are using Covid themed malicious apps, for fraudulent activities and fooling users. Watch our latest video to learn more.

More Than 100 Die Due to Fake Alcohol in Punjab

More than 100 people have died after drinking spurious hooch in the state of Punjab. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Jack Ma Ordered to Appear in Indian Court

Founder of Alibaba, billionaire Jack Ma has been summoned by the Gurugram District Court over allegations of censoring content and spreading fake news.

A R Rahman: Bollywood Spreads Fake Rumours

Oscar-winning music composer A R Rahman, a composer, has accused a gang of people in Bollywood of spreading rumours.

Ministry of Health Issues Advisory on Social Stigma

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a spike in fake messages being circulated on social media, which is causing the stigmatisation of individuals and communities. In our latest ISH & You video, we explai

Uttarakhand is NOT Burning

The Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has clarified that the news about wildfires is completely fake.

WhatsApp Group Admin Arrested in Noida

Since the lockdown started there has been a sudden surge of fake news and information being circulated on social media websites. Watch our video for all the details on these fake messages.

Fake Hand Sanitisers & Masks Sold in Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to companies hoarding inflating essential items such as masks and hand sanitisers.

Police Catch Fake Notes Made in Pakistan

A Thane resident was caught by the CIA at the Mumbai International Airport for carrying fake Rs 2,000 notes worth Rs 24 lakh.

RBI Will Not Stop RS 2,000 Notes

The RBi has issued a statement regarding various fake WhatsApp messages. Watch the video to know all details

Con Man Boards 15 Flights as Pilot

A Con man using a fake ID and uniform of Lufthansa to get luxurious privileges is caught by the police.

Cab Drivers In Delhi Fall For Fake News About Condoms

Cab drivers in Delhi have been fooled by a story about a driver being fined for not carrying condoms in his first aid box. This turns out to be false and fake news was being spread.

IIT-Guwahati Develops Fake Meat

Researchers at IIT-Guwahati have developed a new technique to create affordable artificial meat that help to restore balance in the environment.

Fake Review Groups on Facebook

There has been an increase in fake review groups on Facebook that mislead customers into buying poor quality products.

Thane College Fake Certificate Scam

Students precious academic years were wasted in a fake certificate scam, run by a college in Thane.

Man Sentenced to Life In Prison For Hijack Hoax

Man who had planted fake hijack letter in a Jet Airways flight, causing emergency landing, has been given life in jail and fined Rs 5 crore.

Using YouTube Man Prints Fake Currency

Man prints Rs 10 Lakh of fake currency using Youtube and uses it at shops for 2 years before being arrested.

Two Held with Fake Disability Certificates

Railway Police Force (RPF) acting on a tip-off nab two passengers who booked tickets using a fake disability certificate. During investigations authorities uncover a racket that sells fake disability

Infosys Warn People About Fake Job Offers

IT company Infosys warns people, about recruiters luring prospective job seekers into paying money to secure jobs in prominent IT firms.

1 in 5 Products Sold by E-Tailers Is Fake

Survey conducted by LocalCircle says that 1 out 5 products sold by e-tailers is fake