What Is the New Uber Fake Fare Screen Scam?

Several cases of the new “Uber Fake Fare” scam have been reported from Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. Watch the video to learn what it is and what action Uber has taken against it.

In a concerning development, a new scam dubbed the "Uber Fake Fare Screen" scam has emerged, leaving passengers in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai vulnerable to overcharging by unscrupulous Uber drivers.

Reports indicate that drivers are employing altered images or "fake screens" resembling the Uber app interface to display inflated fares to passengers at the end of their trips. These fake screens often show significantly higher fares than those initially quoted and demanded by the company.

The first reported case surfaced in Bengaluru, where a passenger was charged nearly double the actual fare. Similar incidents have since been reported in Delhi and Mumbai, raising alarms among Uber users.

In some instances, drivers resort to emotional manipulation tactics, claiming financial hardships or family obligations to persuade passengers into paying the inflated fare without question. Despite passengers raising concerns and pointing out fare discrepancies, drivers insist on receiving the higher amount, warning of potential deductions from their own earnings by Uber if the fare is not paid.

Upon seeking refunds from Uber, passengers have faced disappointment as the company only refunds the actual fare, resulting in financial losses for the passengers.

Uber has acknowledged receiving multiple complaints regarding this scam and has taken steps to address the issue. An anonymous Uber executive emphasized that such practices are against the company's guidelines and assured passengers of support through an in-app help network to report fraudulent drivers. The company also pledged to assist passengers seeking legal recourse against errant drivers.

Drivers found guilty of manipulating fares or engaging in fraudulent activities face severe penalties, including suspension and permanent ban from the Uber platform. Uber's customer care executives are actively investigating complaints and refunding overcharged amounts to affected passengers after thorough scrutiny.

While industry insiders claim such cases are sporadic, Uber has issued a nationwide advisory to raise awareness and prevent further exploitation of passengers. The advisory outlines precautionary measures for passengers to verify trip details, payment amounts, and report discrepancies promptly through the app's "Help" section.

In response to drivers' grievances regarding rising commissions, some cab drivers' unions have defended these unethical practices, attributing them to frustrations stemming from increased charges imposed by Uber. However, passenger safety and fair business practices remain paramount, urging passengers to exercise vigilance and cross-check fare details before making payments to Uber drivers.

As investigations continue and awareness spreads, Uber users are advised to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to ensure a safe and transparent ride-sharing experience.