Cab Drivers In Delhi Fall For Fake News About Condoms

Cab drivers in Delhi have been fooled by a story about a driver being fined for not carrying condoms in his first aid box. This turns out to be false and fake news was being spread.

A very strange rumour has been spreading in the Delhi area where Taxi drivers are saying they are being fined by police for not carrying condoms in their first aid kit. The rumour started after a taxi driver, Dharmendra says he was fined for not keeping a condom in his cab, he says the traffic police fined him for not having a condom in his first aid box, but the challan receipt said the reason was over-speeding.

This incident led to cab drivers thinking it was mandatory to carry them in the car, Delhi Sarvodaya Driver Association president Kamaljeet Gill has said, all public vehicles are required to carry at least 3 condoms. He said the reason is that they can be used to stop bleeding or treat a wound incase of an emergency. 

However, Delhi Special Commissioner of Police(Traffic) Taj Hasan said, there is nothing in the Motor Vehicles Act about condoms and we are not issuing any challan to drivers for not having them. And told all drivers that if this happens to them they should report it to the authorities.