Jobless Tamil Nadu Man Fakes Bomb Threat to Get Food in Jail

In Tamil Nadu, a man was arrested for making a hoax bomb call to Chennai police for a strange reason.

In Tamil Nadu, a man was held for making a hoax bomb call. Following his arrest, cops found out that the man made the hoax call to get himself arrested and get some “jail food”. 

The 34-year-old man who threw cops in a tizzy, was identified as Santhosh Kumar from Coimbatore. Santhosh was arrested for making a hoax bomb threat a few days ago. Santhosh had called the Police Control Room in Chennai and warned them of imminent explosions at the railway station and main bus stand in Erode. The call was traced back to Kumar and upon his arrest, he confessed to the crime. He told the police that he had made the call because he was unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. He thought that if he was arrested and sent to prison, he would at least have access to regular food. Kumar’s desperate attempt to secure shelter and food is a sad reflection of the harsh realities of life. The police, however, were not amused by his actions. A case was registered against him under Indian Penal Code Sections 506 and 507 for criminal intimidation. This was not the first time Kumar had resorted to such tactics. He had made similar hoax calls in 2019 and 2021.