Using YouTube Man Prints Fake Currency

Man prints Rs 10 Lakh of fake currency using Youtube and uses it at shops for 2 years before being arrested.

Ravi Sandhu a 27 year old man from Ludhiana has been escaping police custody for nearly 2 years. He was surfing YouTube and found a video that showed him how to print fake Indian currency with just a computer a home printer. With the help of the video he was able to print nearly Rs 10 Lakh in fake money in denominations of 2,000, 500 & 200.

He started using these bills in remote locations in Punjab at weekly markets and liquor shops late at night when it would be busy and he could get away with it. But after a while the police caught onto his scam after many business owners came complaining about receiving these fake notes. He was arrested by the Punjab Police but released no reason was given as to why.

After his release he made his way to Delhi where he picked up the racket again, printing notes at his house. He would download images and print them on normal paper. To make them look and feel real and to ensure they were the exact same size as the original notes, he would store them in a damp place at his house and crumple them to look old and used.

He was much more careful in Delhi moving houses every three months and would never visit the same shop twice so the police would not be able to catch him. But his luck ran out in the Tilak Nagar area where after a tip-off he was busted in a sting operation at a local shop.

Running the scam for nearly 2 years he told the police that he had printed Rs 10 Lakh of notes and distributed them. When was caught he had Rs 1.38 Lakh of notes at his house with 64 notes worth Rs 2,000, 17 notes worth  Rs 500 and 8 notes worth Rs 200.