Infosys Warn People About Fake Job Offers

IT company Infosys warns people, about recruiters luring prospective job seekers into paying money to secure jobs in prominent IT firms.

Infosys the IT company, recently on their Facebook page they warned people regarding fake job recruiters. Infosys said that, they had observed that many people were being offered fake jobs with high pay. These recruiters mostly targeted youngsters.   

They would ask people to pay a certain amount as training fees. They would take the money and never respond back. They cheated by saying they worked for prominent IT companies. A 24 year old boy from Karnataka, said he was cheated by a job recruitment agency. He paid Rs 15,000 as training fees for a job, but after paying the agency ran away with the money and never gave him the job.

Infosys warned people to be careful while applying for jobs.