Fake Delivery Scam

Beware of India's biggest delivery scam: fake delivery persons ask for OTPs. Don't share OTPs without verifying identity. Spread awareness!

Welcome to India’s biggest delivery scam. A delivery person comes with a parcel and asks for the OTP, he will super confuse you as hurry up hurry up. Delivery person has already generated your credit card, bank or e-commerce website order. Even if you refuse to take the order, they will ask for the cancellation OTP. Don’t give it to them because if we have not ordered we should not give the OTP as well.  All he needs is the OTP. Till the time your delivery boy is going your money will also be gone. Such thousands of cases have been received in cyber cells. 

The solution is, first of all, read the OTP message very carefully. This isn’t one for delivery. NEVER share ANY OTP with anyone without confirming their identity. 

Share this information immediately with EVERYONE. Do you know any other scams like this? Have you been affected by them? Drop them in the comments and let’s spread awareness!