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Influencer Dies After Falling From a Waterfall While Filming Reel

Travel influencer Aanvi Kamdar died after falling into a gorge while recording a video at Kumbhe Waterfalls in Maharashtra.

4 Dead; Many Injured as Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express Derails

Eight coaches of the Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express derailed in Gonda district, resulting in two deaths and prompting a high-level enquiry.

Kerala Man Dies after Train Berth Falls on Him

A 62-year-old man travelled from Kerala to New Delhi on the Ernakulam-Hazrat Nizamuddin Millennium Superfast Express died after the berth above and the passenger occupying it fell directly on him.

Maharashtra Woman Drives Off Cliff While Filming Reel

A girl in Maharashtra’s Sambhaji Nagar fell off in the valley after she mistakenly pressed the accelerator which led to her accident.

Goods Train Hits Kanchanjunga Express, 9 Dead 50 Injured

9 died and over 50 were injured when the Kanchanjunga Express collided with a goods train near Rangapani station in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, with initial reports suggesting human error as the cause.

Pune Killer Porsche Case: Police Makes Shocking Revelations

The Pune Crime Branch has made several shocking revelations & has arrested Vedant Agarwal’s grandfather and many others in the case.

Two Trains Collide in Punjab on Balasore Accident Anniversary

Two goods trains collided on the Ludhiana-Ambala main track near Madhopur in Sirhind, Punjab at around 3:30 am on 2nd June 2024, exactly 1 year after the tragic Balasore train accident

Drivers Watching Cricket Caused Andhra's 2023 Train Crash

Railway Minister blames Andhra Pradesh train crash on distracted loco-pilot and co-pilot watching cricket during duty.

Vadodara: 14 Students and 2 Teachers Drown on Picnic

14 students and 2 teachers died on 18th January 2024 at Harni Lake in Vadodara when a safety guard lacking & overloaded boat capsized in the lake.

Road Accident Victims to Get Free Treatment

The union government of India has announced free and cashless medical treatment for all road accident victims within 3 to 4 months.

Nitin Gadkari: Will Never Allow Driverless Cars in India

Gadkari opposes driverless cars in India due to job loss fears, emphasizes vehicle safety; study hints at higher Tesla accident rates and potential risky driving behaviors.

Mohammed Shami Rescues Road Accident Victim in Nainital

Shami emerges as a hero off-field after World Cup success, rescues accident victim in Nainital.

13 Die in Andhra Pradesh Train Accident

Train collision in Andhra Pradesh kills 13 and injures 40; rescue efforts underway, attributed to a signal issue and driver error.

3 Deaf Children Killed In A Train Accident

Deaf boys run over by train in Tamil Nadu, and Deaf man assaulted in motorcycle collision dispute in Rajasthan.

North East Express Train Derails In Bihar

North East Express train derails in Bihar, leaving four dead and 80 injured; rescue and investigations underway.

SRK’s Swades Co-star Gayatri Joshi Meets With Accident

A chilling video of an accident from Sardinia, Italy has become viral on social media in which Indian actress and Shah Rukh Khan’s co-star Gayatri Joshi was involved.

Man Climbing Stairway To Heaven Falls 300 Feet To Death

British man dies in fall while solo climbing "stairway to heaven" ladder in Austria's Dachstein Mountains, a challenging attraction for experienced climbers.

USA: Policeman Laughs On Death of Indian Student

Jaahnavi Kandula's death in a Seattle police car accident sparked outrage over a viral video of an officer's insensitive comments, fueling demands for accountability.

Take the Phone to the Toilet and End Up in Hospital

Bringing phones to the bathroom risks health problems, germs, and accidents, highlighting the need to stop this habit.

MP: Car Falls into Waterfall with Father and Daughter Inside

A father-daughter duo was saved from drowning as their car plunged into a pool of a waterfall in Simrol near Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

Thieves Steal Truck Full of Tomatoes Worth Rs. 2.5-3 lakh

Tomato-laden truck stolen after accident near Bengaluru, leaving farmer and driver stranded as police investigate tomato theft.

CBI Arrests 3 Railway Employees For Odisha Train Accident

After the submission of the CRS report, on 7th July 2023, CBI arrested 3 railway employees for their negligence that caused the accident.

4 Massive Road Accidents In a Day Shock India

In a day 4 different massive accidents have shocked India. For all the details, check out the full video.

26 Dead As Bus Catches Fire On Maharashtra Expressway

In a very shocking incident 26 people died when a bus caught fire on an expressway in Maharashtra.

Donations Received for Odisha Accident

A lot of people have come forward to help the Odisha train crash victims and their family. Have a look at who donated what.

Heartbreaking Stories of Odisha Triple Train Crash

Heartbreaking stories emerge from the Odisha triple train crash. Watch our latest video to learn all about it.

Odisha Triple Train Crash: How it Happened?

Watch our latest video and learn about Odisha’s triple train crash and how it happened.

Delhi: Man Dies After Being Dragged on Car Roof for 3 KMs

A very disturbing incident involving an accident, hit and run and murder took place in Delhi. See how!?

Vande Bharat Train Sends a Cow Flying & Kills Man on Tracks

A train crashed into a cow which sent it flying and landed on a man who was peeing on the tracks. The cow and the man both met with death. Such a filmy tragedy has recently occured in real life!

Paragliders Stuck On High Light Pole in Kerala

The Kerala police arrested three people in connection with a paragliding incident.

Uttar Pradesh: Truck Drags 6-year-old On Scooty For 2 Km

In another hit-and-drag case, a six-year-old child was killed after being dragged under a truck for over two kilometres in Uttar Pradesh

Tamil Actor Vishal Escapes Dangerous Accident On Film Set

Tamil actor Vishal had a miraculous escape from a near-death situation during the shooting of his movie Mark Antony

Drunk Truck Driver Drags Car for 3km in Meerut

A 22-wheel container truck hit a car in Meerut and then dragged it for about 3 kilometers as bystanders looked on in shock.

BJP’s Tejasvi Surya Opens Flight Emergency Exit

Congress has started targeting BJP Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya, amid reports that the passenger who accidentally opened the emergency exit of an IndiGo plane was him.

Kanjhawala Case: Is Anjali’s Friend Nidhi Lying?

In the latest developments of the Kanjhawala case, contradictory claims have emerged over Nidhi's statements. Here are some important updates on the matter.

Kanjhawala Case: Postmortem Confirms Girl Was Not Raped

The Delhi Police on Tuesday, obtained the autopsy report of the girl who was killed in the hit-and-run case and said that there are no injuries in the private parts of the victim.

Kanjhawala Case: Delhi Girl Dragged By Car And Killed

Some heart wrenching visuals of a road accident in Delhi which shows a girl being dragged under a car for 12kms is being surfaced on the internet.

Cricketer Rishabh Pant Hospitalised After Dangerous Accident

India's star cricketer Rishabh Pant met with a serious car accident and sustained severe injuries, as per the reports he will now have to undergo plastic surgery.

48 Vehicles Damaged in Pune Highway Accident

At least 48 vehicles were damaged in a multi-vehicle accident on 20th November 2022 evening on the Pune-Bengaluru Highway at Navale bridge in Pune.

China: Fatal Tesla Car Crash Caught on Camera

A video of a Tesla car from China is going viral in which the car is seen slowly pulling into a roadside parking spot, but suddenly accelerates at high speed back on the road.

Mumbai: Massive Accident Caught on Camera Kills Five

In an extremely heart wrenching incident, five people were killed and eight were injured at a crash site on the Bandra-Worli sea link in Mumbai.

Ex-Tata Sons Chief Cyrus Mistry Dies in a Road Accident

Former Chairman of Tata Sons Cyrus Mistry was killed in a road accident on Sunday 4th September.

7 Years Old Turns Zomato Delivery Boy After Fathers Accident

In a tragic yet inspiring story, a 7-year-old schoolboy has turned into a Zomato delivery agent after his father's accident.

Salman Khan’s Opposition Lawyer Kills Police Constable

Summary In a tragic yet inspiring story, a 7-year-old schoolboy has turned into a Zomato delivery agent after his father's accident.

4 Killed in Ambulance Crash in Karnataka

In an incident reported from Karnataka, an ambulance carrying a patient and three attendants lost control and crashed into a toll booth in Udupi district

Chlorine Leak Kills 13 and Injures 250 In Jordan

An accident which has resulted in the leakage of Chlorine gas has reportedly killed more than 13 people in Jordan and has injured more than 250 people.

Former Australian Cricketer Andrew Symonds Died in an Accident

Andrew Symonds has been killed in a car crash This is another big sad event after the death of another former Australian Cricketer Shane Warne recently- Watch full story

3 Dead in Jharkhand Ropeway Accident

Dozens of people were trapped mid-air after cable cars connecting the Trikut Hills in Deoghar collided on 10 April 2022.

Malaika Arora Injured in Dangerous Car Accident

Actor-model Malaika Arora had a car accident on Saturday afternoon when she was returning from a fashion event in Pune.

India Accidentally Fired Missile Into Pakistan

India accidentally fired a missile which landed in Pakistan. However no one was hurt or killed.

5-Yr-Old Orders Cakes & Ice Cream Worth $1200

Boy accidentally orders Rs 64,900 worth of ice cream and cakes, gets them delivered to dad's office.

5 Members of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Family Killed in Accident

At least 5 members of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s extended family were killed in a road accident.

2 Deaf Youth Died in Train Accident in Rajasthan

Two Deaf youth have passed away in a tragic railway accident in Rajasthan. Watch our video for more details.

Bengaluru Couple Dead After Falling From Flyover

In a chilling rash driving accident on Tuesday night, caught on camera, a speeding car hit a couple on a two-wheeler in the middle of the Electronic City flyover in Bengaluru.

Man Gives Helmets to People for Free

In memory of a friend who died in a road mishap, computer engineer Raghavendra Kumar, 34, has distributed 49,000 helmets for free in the last 7 years.

Indian Railways Bans Charging of Mobiles on Trains

Railways authorities have strongly decided to disallow passengers from using mobile charging stations between 11 pm and 5 am as a precautionary measure against fire.

Jharkhand Govt. Launches Good Samaritan Policy

In a bid to ensure timely help and save lives, the Jharkhand government approved a proposal to provide monetary reward to people who take road accident victims to the hospital.

Female Ex-Classmates Dead in Dharwad Road Accident

A group of female ex-classmates on their way to Goa, met with a dangerous accident resulting in the death of many.

MP Rita Warns Against Children Playing With Fire

Rita Bahuguna Joshi has warned parents against kids playing with fire after her six-year-old grand – daughter Kiana Joshi lost her life in a tragic accident when her dress caught fire.

72 Hours After Inaugration 3 Accidents in Atal Tunnel

72 hours after the inauguration of the Atal Tunnel, 3 accidents occurred in the tunnel due to reckless tourists. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Tea Seller’s Topper Daughter Dies in Accident

An academic Scholar Sudeeksha Bhati, who was a tea seller’s daughter, died under mysterious circumstances in Uttar pradesh.

West Indies Cricketer In dangerous Accident

On Sunday 16th February 2020, Oshane Thomas was in a dangerous car accident in Jamaica.

Industrialist Puneet Agrawal and 5 others Dead

In a freak accident, business tycoon Puneet Agrawal and 5 other family members died in an elevator crash. Watch the video for further details.

Was Gandhi's Death an Accident?

A booklet on the life Gandhiji claims that his death was an accident. This has enraged Gandhi followers all over India.

Girl Dies Due to Snake Bite in School

In a tragic accident a 10 year old girl dies to a snake bite and negligent after care in kerala.

62 Pedestrians Die Daily in India

Lack of pedestrian safety in India has led to an increase in pedestrian deaths. Watch the video for the details.

Trains Collide at Kacheguda, Hyderabad

In a tragic accident two trains in Hyderabad collided resulting in massive caualties.

14-Year-Old Girl Dies After Mobile Explodes

In a freak accident, a 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan dies after her phone explodes in the middle of the night.

76-year-Old Man Drives “Auto Ambulance”

A 76-year-old man from Delhi drives an auto rickshaw with the sole intention of ferrying accident victims to the hospital.

MLA Plans To Kill Rape Survivor

In a gross abuse of power, an MLA raped a girl and is now strong arming the family into withdrawing their complaint. The corrupt MLA is said to have been the mastermind behind the girl’s car accident.

SpiceJet Engineer Dies in Freak Accident

In a very unfortunate freak accident a 22-year-old SpiceJet maintenance worker died when the landing door that he was fixing accidently got shut.

6 Dead in Mumbai Footbridge Tragedy

A footbridge near CSMT station in Mumbai collapsed killing 6 people and injuring 35. The unfortunate accident occurred even after the bridge passed a structural audit in 2018. The state government has

Think Carefully Before You Judge The Others

The father of the victim in an accident, is very upset with the surgeon for coming to hospital late and jumps into quick conclusions.