Kanjhawala Case: Is Anjali’s Friend Nidhi Lying?

In the latest developments of the Kanjhawala case, contradictory claims have emerged over Nidhi's statements. Here are some important updates on the matter.

In the latest developments of the Kanjhawala case, contradictory claims have emerged over Nidhi's statements. Here are the updates: 

  1. Forensic report revealed that the victim was stuck onto the front left wheel of the vehicle and her head was towards the boot of the car.

  2. Nidhi (photo from press conference) has now told the police that this was the first time they went out together on the night of 31st. Nidhi said she had known Anjali only for 15 days. It has been found so far that Anjali and Nidhi went to a hotel to attend a party. A room was booked in the names of Anjali and Nidhi, and their Aadhaar cards were given to the hotel authorities for booking the hotel. They were seen talking to seven men at the hotel party who have been interrogated by the police.

  3. Nidhi is being considered irresponsible, as she did not inform the police and left Anjali to be dragged by the car and returned home soon after the accident. Anjali's family has raised a question as to why she opened up now, just after Anjali's last rites were performed. "If she was scared then, why isn't she scared now? This was Nidhi's conspiracy," Anjali's maternal uncle said. Family feels she is involved. 

  4. In CCTV footage Nidhi can be seen walking on the street and waiting outside the gate as no one opens the door even after knocking. She walks, probably in tension, in front of the gate. 

  5. Earlier Nidhi had earlier claimed that her phone was broken after the accident that is why she couldn't call the police. However, in the CCTV footage Nidhi also seems to have her phone in her hand.  Meanwhile, Nidhi asked a neighbor for a 'C' type charger to charge her mobile at midnight. Also Nidhi’s Friend Nishant claimed she asked him for a charger around 2.30 am. Nishant said she gave him her phone so he could charge it. Though the CCTV footage shows 1.36am, it has a time gap of about 45 minutes proving that Nidhi reached home at around 2.30am. The police are investigating the footage and establishing a proper timeline.

  6. A total of 10 police vehicles, including PCR vans, were out that night to trace the car after several calls were received in the police control room. One police van spotted the sooty in the accidental condition and as no one was there, it was assumed that they must have gone to the hospital. The Baleno car was found more than 12 hours later -- on Sunday afternoon.

  7.  Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia met the family of Anjali Singh, who was hit and dragged by a car in outer Delhi on New Year and assured a government job to one of her kin.

The news is becoming controversial day by day. Keep watching ISH News for updates.