Delhi: Man Dies After Being Dragged on Car Roof for 3 KMs

A very disturbing incident involving an accident, hit and run and murder took place in Delhi. See how!?

Do you remember the dreadful hit and drag case that happened in Delhi in January? ISH had released a lot of news on it. The incident was so traumatic. Before giving public time to come out of it, on 30th April 2023, a similar incident took place, again, in Delhi's high-security VIP zone. 

Two cousins, Deepanshu Verma and Mukul were riding on a two-wheeler around 12.55 am at the intersection of Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Tolstoy Marg. A black color SUV crashed into them at a very high speed. As a result, the two men were thrown off of the two-wheeler. Mukul (20) was thrown several feet away on the road while his cousin Deepanshu (30) was thrown directly on the roof of the car. Usually a person in the car would definitely stop the car and get out to check whether the people are okay. 

However, the person who was driving the car did not stop his vehicle, instead he continued driving with the man still on the roof. The whole incident was caught on camera by Mohammad Bilal, an eyewitness to the event, who followed the vehicle on his scooter. Despite his efforts to alert the car driver by honking and shouting, the car did not stop. After driving for about three kilometers with Deepanshu on their roof. 

The man was killed when he was flung from the roof as the vehicle took a sharp turn near India Gate. He died due to his injuries. Delhi Police have registered a case of murder in the incident. The suspect, identified as Harneet Singh Chawla, has been arrested. His family was in the car with him. Deepanshu’s cousin Mukul is in critical condition and in hospital currently. Deepanshu Verma ran a jewellery shop. His family consisted of his parents and his sister. 
Unnati Verma, his sister said, "When the men who saw the incident tried to stop the car, the driver increased the speed. He (Deepanshu) was alive while he was on the roof. When they flung him on the ground after about 3 kilometers, he hit his head and that's when he died. It was all intentional." "Police told us the man driving the car was named Harneet Singh Chawla. He was driving a Mahindra XUV. I think he was drunk. He should be punished so severely that no one ever thinks of doing something like this."