76-year-Old Man Drives “Auto Ambulance”

A 76-year-old man from Delhi drives an auto rickshaw with the sole intention of ferrying accident victims to the hospital.

76-year-old Harjinder Singh from Delhi  has been an auto driver since 1964. From a young age, Singh has always wanted to help those in need. He would always help people without thinking twice. Earlier he was a traffic warden and would help people who met with accidents. Whenever it was possible he would help such people. But he said that it was not always possible to help because he had to work. He said that he has seen people lying injured, hurt on the streets. Rather than helping people would click photos. He said that what is the point of being a human being if you do not help someone who needs you?

After such experiences he realised that he can help such people. This is why he bought an auto. His auto looks like a normal auto. The only difference is that behind his auto he has written “Free ambulance for injured in road accident”. He also keeps a medicine box in his auto to make sure that if anyone needs medication they do not have to wait till they reach the hospital.Singh started helping accident victims in 1978. Since then, he did not stop helping people. He said that “If I come across any accident victim, I immediately rush them to the nearest hospital,” Singh says. 

He also distributes free medicines and sugar to diabetic patients in his locality at their doorstep. Most of them have his phone number. He has even asked them to call him whenever they need anything. If he is not available his son makes sure that no one is kept waiting. Singh said that If humans do not help each and only live for ourselves, then what is the point of living? He said that every time he helps someone, they become his family. He urges everyone to be kind to each other, and love each other. That is how we can create a better world.