SRK’s Swades Co-star Gayatri Joshi Meets With Accident

A chilling video of an accident from Sardinia, Italy has become viral on social media in which Indian actress and Shah Rukh Khan’s co-star Gayatri Joshi was involved.

A chilling video of an accident from Sardinia, Italy has become viral on social media in which an Indian actress, Gayatri Joshi and her husband were involved in an accident. Gayatri Joshi is famous for her role in Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Swades. She married one of India's richest businessmen Vikas Oberoi in 2005 and left showbiz. 

The chilling video of Shah Rukh Khan's movie Swades’ co-star Gayatri Joshi and her husband Vikas Oberoi's accident has surfaced online. Gayatri Joshi, along with her husband were on a vacation and were traveling in a blue Lamborghini when the accident took place. The accident took place during the Sardinia Supercar Tour. Italy is known for its beautiful landscape, food, culture, winding roads and supercars. One of the best ways to visit Sardinia is in a supercar tour which is a five-day grand tour which takes participants to ride in luxury and high-end cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin, and McLaren, on a thrilling 1000 km+ journey across Sardinia. 
According to reports, the Lamborghini and the Ferrari - two luxury vehicles were attempting to overtake the huge campervan ahead of them. In the process, they collided and a major accident took place. The van also overturned on the road. Meanwhile, the Ferrari caught fire. When The Free Press Journal contacted the actress to know about their whereabouts, the actress said, “Vikas and I are in Italy. We met with an accident here. With God’s grace, we both are absolutely fine.” While the celebrity couple are safe and sound, the couple who was inside the red Ferrari lost their lives and have been identified as Markus Krautli (67) and his wife Melissa Krautli (63) from Zurich, Switzerland.