Pune Killer Porsche Case: Police Makes Shocking Revelations

The Pune Crime Branch has made several shocking revelations & has arrested Vedant Agarwal’s grandfather and many others in the case.

A few days back, ISH released a video about a shocking car accident in Pune. Vishal Agarwal’s 17-year-old son, Vedant Agarwal, killed two people after hitting their bike with his speeding Porsche, allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Here’s the latest update on the news.

Vishal Agarwal was arrested and presented in front of Pune Session Court. During the hearing, Police Inspector Ganesh Mane and Vishal’s driver, Gangadhar, gave statements against him. You all must be thinking, where did a driver come into the picture, right

According to the latest reports, there were four people in the Porsche on the night of the accident: Vedant, his two classmates, and the family driver, Gangadhar. Gangadhar told the court that he was on duty on 18th May 2024, and Vishal had ordered him to sit in the passenger seat and let Vedant drive the car.

Special Public Prosecutor Vidya Vibhute said that Vishal had visited the accident site before the police arrived and called a couple of people before abruptly leaving. The details of his communication are still not clear and are under investigation. Vibhute also said that Vishal was arrested with a simple mobile handset, and the police suspect that he has hidden his original mobile phone because it contains important evidence.

Inspector Mane informed the court that when Pune Police contacted Vishal to inquire about his whereabouts, he provided false information, saying he was in Shirdi, while he was actually in Pune on the night of the accident. Meanwhile, Vishal’s lawyers argued that the Porsche car involved in the accident had a technical fault. They claimed that Vishal had contacted the company multiple times to fix the issue, but it didn’t, so Vishal had filed a complaint with the National Consumer Grievance Redressal Commission in Delhi. They added that the car was not registered because the complaint is still pending.

On 24th May 2024, the Pune Crime Branch arrested Vedant’s grandfather, Surendra Kumar Agarwal, for wrongly confining and threatening driver Gangadhar. Gangadhar had filed a complaint with the police against Surendra and Vishal Agarwal. Gangadhar mentioned that Vishal called him at around 2:45 am (after the accident) and told him to take the blame by saying he was driving the Porsche when the accident occurred. Vedant’s mother, Shivani Agarwal, also emotionally requested him to do the same. Gangadhar succumbed to the pressure and took the blame on the night of the accident.

However, Pune's Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar understood that Gangadhar was framing himself under pressure. He refuted Gangadhar’s claim and said that the police had video footage to prove that Vedant was driving the Porsche. After this, Gangadhar went missing for two days. Gangadhar claimed that Surendra and Vishal had kidnapped him after the police refuted his claim of being responsible for the accident and held him at their Wadgaonsheri residence. They took away his phone and pressured him to accept responsibility for the accident by offering him a bungalow and ensuring his early release.

Gangadhar somehow managed to call his wife after two days and told her the full incident. His wife, in turn, informed the police. The police rescued him from the Agarwal’s Wadgaonsheri residence. While rescuing Gangadhar, the police recovered his clothes as evidence and also sought custody of the BMW in which the driver was allegedly kidnapped.

According to the reports, Surendra Kumar Agarwal holds a criminal record. He was a named suspect for allegedly giving “supari” (making payments) to gangster Chhota Rajan to kill Shiv Sena corporator Ajay Bhosale because of a property dispute in 2009. Ajay Bhosle was shot during the poll campaign. While Ajay had escaped unhurt, his driver sustained serious injuries. The case was later transferred to the CBI, and Surendra sought anticipatory bail.

On 27th May 2024, the Pune Crime Branch arrested Sassoon Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Srihari Halnor, Head of the Forensic Medicine Department Dr. Ajay Tawade, and a peon named Atul Ghatkamble for replacing Vedant’s blood sample. Vedant was taken to Sassoon Hospital on the day of the accident to collect blood samples to test for his alcohol levels. Commissioner Kumar said the police became suspicious that the samples were tampered with as the forensic report received on 25th May 2024 showed no traces of alcohol despite the bar’s CCTV footage clearly showing Vedant drinking with friends.

During the investigation, the police discovered that Vishal had spoken to Dr. Tawade on the day of the accident. When interrogated, Dr. Tawade said, “I will not keep quiet. I will take everyone's name." This revealed that the blood samples sent for forensic tests were not of Vedant. The police found out that Vedant’s blood sample was thrown in the dustbin, and the blood sample of one of the doctors was collected instead and sent to the forensic lab in Vedant’s name to remove the traces of alcohol. This was done by Dr. Halnor with the help of one of the hospital's peons, Atul Ghatkamble, on the direct instructions of Dr. Tawade. Vedant’s family had allegedly paid a ?3 lakh bribe to the doctors for swapping his blood samples. Peon Atul had acted as the middleman. He collected the bribe and then handed it over to both the doctors. The hospital’s doctors not only manipulated Vedant’s blood test report but also gave him a clean chit in the physical test without examining him on the day of the accident.

On 31st May 2024, yet another surprising update came to light. Forensic experts suggested that the swapped blood samples were actually of a female. This led to the suspicion that the samples may have been exchanged with those of Shivani (Vedant’s mother). A three-member inquiry committee from the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) found that Dr. Halnor had obtained blood samples from three different individuals consisting of a woman and two elderly citizens to exchange them with Vedant’s samples. Police suspect that Shivani was the woman from the three individuals whose blood was taken and was present at the hospital with Vedant, and Dr. Halnor’s staff had taken her blood samples too.

Therefore, on 1st June 2024, Pune Crime Branch arrested Shivani for alleged tampering of evidence to protect Vedant. On 4th June 2024, the Pune Crime Branch arrested two men, Ashfaque Makandar and Amar Gaikwad, who allegedly facilitated the blood-swapping deal between Vishal and Dr. Halnor & Dr. Tawade. The Pune Police revealed that Makandar and Gaikwad had connections in government offices, civic bodies (municipality), and other establishments as part of their “liaison job.”

Makandar is a close ally of Vishal. He had called Vishal after the accident and offered to help. After Vishal agreed, Makandar contacted a peon of Sassoon Hospital's mortuary, Atul Ghatkamble, to get in touch with the hospital’s senior doctors who could help. Ghatkamble gave him the contact of Dr. Ajay Tawade, and Makandar contacted him. Makandar and Gaikwad also took ?3 lakhs from Vishal and handed it over to Atul, who kept ?50,000/- from it and gave the balance to Dr. Halnor. They were produced before the city court, which ordered police custody for the duo till 10th June 2024.  

On 5th June 2024, Vedant accepted he was heavily drunk at the time of the crash and, therefore, he does not recall all the exact details of the incident during the questioning. The Juvenile Justice Board of Pune extended Vedant’s remand to the observation home till 12th June 2024. On the same day, 5th June, the Police showed the Pune Sessions Court the forensic reports that confirmed that Shivani’s blood samples were used to replace those of Vedant. The court extended both Vishal and Shivani’s police custody till 10th June 2024. 

Shocking, isn’t it? Let’s see what punishment Vedant and his family receive. Keep watching ISH News for the latest updates on this topic and the current affairs of the world.