Kanjhawala Case: Postmortem Confirms Girl Was Not Raped

The Delhi Police on Tuesday, obtained the autopsy report of the girl who was killed in the hit-and-run case and said that there are no injuries in the private parts of the victim.

Yesterday we released about the Kanjhawala case in which the heart wrenching CCTV footage is going viral and blowing everyone’s mind with the super painful death of the victim Anjali Singh. Earlier the angle of rape was also being reported by the victim girl's family, along with several eyewitnesses who called it something more than an accident. However, the Delhi Police on 3rd January 2023 obtained the postmortem report and said that it shows all the injuries on the victim were produced by blunt force impact, and possible with vehicular accident and dragging. It also indicates that there is no injury to the private parts of the victim. Her brain matter was missing, skull cavity was found open, spine was fractured, and there were a total of 40 injuries — such horrific and grave injuries are mentioned in the autopsy report. Grinding of the bones. 

Moreover, the victim was accompanied by a friend named Nidhi during the time of this deadly incident and the victim’s female friend had suffered minor injuries and fled after the incident.  Two days after the incident, her companion and pillion rider on her bike were traced by the police on 3rd January 2023, and questioned in connection with the incident. According to the girl, she was unhurt, and she left after the incident. The police have revealed that she is cooperating and her statement has been recorded. Meanwhile, while talking to the media, Nidhi revealed that the Baleno hit them head on when Nidhi fell to one side and Anjali fell towards the front of the car. She said that her friend got stuck in the car and the men knew that a girl had rolled under their car. They deliberately ran over her, they knew that the girl was stuck under the car and she was screaming. They drove forward and back twice. Anjali was on her back and her leg was probably stuck in the axle of the car, so they went forward and back. Then they just drove off, dragging her under the car. Nidhi felt so hopeless that she went home, and didn't tell anyone.  She said she panicked and cried a lot. However, another video of Anjali  & Nidhi getting engaged in a fight outside the hotel has also surfaced. Nidhi mentioned that Anjali was drunk and had a fight with her boyfriend and still decided to ride the two wheeler. The fight is reportedly said to have taken place just a few minutes before the accident.

However, the men earlier claimed that they didn't know that the girl was stuck under the car and saw the body only when they were near the Jonti village. While taking a U-turn, they saw the woman's arm. Then they stopped the car and left the body there, and drove off. Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Sagar Preet Hooda has said that the victim's friend can become the key eyewitness in the case and her statements will turn out to be a huge help in investigating the matter. Meanwhile, a video purportedly showing the woman's body without clothes and broken legs has surfaced on social media. However, all the five accused in the case have been booked on charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, causing death by negligence and criminal conspiracy, according to police. As per the police, the accused will be taken to the scene of the crime to verify their version of events. The timeline of events will be then established on the basis of CCTV footage and digital evidence. The forensic examination of the vehicle is also being done and the victim's family is being updated about the investigation and has been assured that the police will gather all evidence to ensure that the accused get the strictest punishment, as per the Delhi police.