Subtitles vs ISL Translations - What is Best?

All movies have subtitles but do you want to what is better - Subtitles or ISL Translations? Then check out our latest video.

Huh? Hey wait! The letter is about the World Cup, then why do the captions say - 'I hear she's beautiful.' Harshali: Why is it different? Harish: Yaa right! I don't get it but leave it na.. Hey see that!

I don't understand that. I don't think Kapil will go back to India and is he mad? Aree why is he calling Kapil mad? No no no I think I understood this. In 1983 Kapil Dev had a bad temper so his team mates called him mad and pretends to be nice back in India. Harish: I guess that's what it means. Harshali: Maybe.. Wait a minute! Look. the other half says 'I don't think with mad Kapil, he go happy with just...

Oh yaa it is incomplete! Is that a typo? Maybe that's the English Grammar. Leave it let's go ahead.

Aree what are you doing? Whoa! The movie has Sign Language translation! Watch watch!


Harshali: The characters are speaking in the background! Harish: See! Now I understand. The captions are on the letter because there is a voice-over in the background. Because of the Sign Language translation its easy to understand. Let's check out the dialogue about Mad Kapil. I think we misunderstood. What does it mean? I don't understand… What we thought earlier about Kapil returning to India and being happy was wrong. It means Kapil will not return happy until he gives his best for India. We totally misunderstood the captions earlier. Sign Language translation is very important. I clearly understood everything. Its the best! Some people understand captions. That's great. But the captions do not convey the expressions. Hearing people can hear and pick it up, while the Deaf see the translation and understand the emotions. Yes the expressions! The expressions and emotions! Easy to understand right! Harshali: I am totally satisfied! Harish: Come let's watch the entire movie!