Introducing Sign Names of Shakti

For the first time in India, ISH News is translating a TV serial in Sign Language. In our latest video, we bring to you the characters of ‘Shakti’ with their unique sign names.

Now the secret is finally out and you all know that for the first time in history, ISH News will be translating a TV serial into Indian Sign Language. Every show has the main lead, the villain, etc. As is part of Deaf culture, we have given each character a unique sign name.

This is a very big achievement for the Deaf Community. Earlier, when Deaf people would watch entertainment videos like movies, serials, etc. they would hardly understand the story. Deaf people understand only through gestures and facial expressions. Or they have to depend on friends and families for the story. Even Hindi & English subtitles were incomprehensible and did not include tone or emotions.

Now that ISH News is translating the Shakti TV serial in ISL, all Deaf people can enjoy the show along with hearing people. Everyone can laugh and cry while watching the serial together! No one will be excluded! 

This is the first step to show the world, that entertainment content can be made accessible for the Deaf Community. All of this is possible only because of your continuous support.  Make sure you are glued to ISH News. The first episode will release on 7th December. We would appreciate it if you share, like our videos, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.