Talented Writers & Directors of Deaf Entertainment

On 23rd June 2019, Deaf Entertainment showcased a collection of their movies in Mumbai. These movies were created by an all Deaf team.

On 23rd June 2019, in Mumbai Deaf Entertainment showcased their movies to the entire Deaf community. These movies were conceptualised, directed, edited, and acted by an all Deaf team. An ISH News representative interviewed Its Founder Mervyn Pereira and its multitalented Director and Cinematographer Rohit Padte. 

Mr Pereira said that Deaf Entertainment was the Deaf audience to watch the movies and cultivate a positive attitude. He says that there are many negatives that plague the Deaf community. He wants to change the Deafs mindsets through his movies. 

The interview with Mr Padte revealed some very interesting facts. Mr. Padte has Ushers Syndrome. However that does not stop him from being an excellent editor. Movies for the Hearing without any form of accessibility motivated him to learn how to edit on Youtube. He wants people to learn from him and fight for what they really believe in.