Little Krishna Episode 10: The Charge of the Monster Horse

In the first episode of Little Krishna, watch how Krishna fights with the serpent king and restores peace in Vrindavan.

Instructed by Kamsa, the demon Keshi assumed the form of a terrible horse. He entered Vrindavana with great speed, his great mane flying and his hooves digging up the earth. He began to whinny and terrify all the inhabitants of Vrindavana. Lord Krishna understood that the Keshi demon was challenging Him to fight. 

Accepting his challenge, Krishna stood before the ferocious horse demon, ready to fight.

The horse then charged at Krishna with great speed, making a horrifying sound like that of a roaring lion and tried to trample Him with his strong legs. Krishna, however, immediately caught hold of his legs and began to whirl the horse around. After a few rounds, He threw him a hundred yards away. Thrown by Krishna, the horse immediately passed out, but after a short while, upon regaining consciousness, he again rushed toward Krishna with great anger and force and with his mouth open. 

When Keshi reached Krishna, the Lord pushed His left arm within the mouth of Keshi who felt it like a hot iron rod and experienced great pain. Immediately his teeth fell out. Then Krishna inflated His arm within Keshi’s mouth, choking him to death. When the horse was dead, Krishna easily took out His hand from Keshi’s mouth which had become loose.