Uncertainty of Life of a Soldier

An army man withdraws Rs. 100/- from an ATM everyday. The watchman asks him the reason which surprises him. Watch our latest moral story to know the soldier’s reason.

An army man was posted in the northern part of India to defend India’s border. He entered an ATM and withdrew Rs. 100 from the ATM. He kept the note neatly in his wallet and left. Next day, the same army man returned again to the same ATM and withdrew the same amount of Rs. 100/- from the ATM. This went on for many days. Every day the army man would come to the ATM and withdraw only Rs. 100/- The guard at the ATM had noticed and was surprised with this wacky behaviour but he did not ask as he was scared of men in uniform. He resisted asking for a few more days. One day when there were few civilians around, he mustered the courage to ask him as he thought that if the army man gets enraged over him, the civilians around will rescue him. The guard went to the army man and asked, “Why do u withdraw only Rs. 100 from the ATM every day? Why do you trouble yourself on a daily basis when you can withdraw a hefty amount that will last for weeks?” The army man rubbed his forehead and he told the guard who was waiting for the answer anxiously, “The mobile number linked to my bank account is used by my wife at home. When I withdraw cash from the ATM, she gets the message on her mobile phone. This way, she comes to know that her husband is alive”. Such is the uncertainty of life of a soldier.

Moral of the Story: Smalls acts which may seem unimportant to some but they have a deeper meaning for others. Hence, it is important to be kind, everyone does not show their sorrows on their face.