Little Krishna Episode 1: The Attack of the Serpent King | ISL

In the first episode of Little Krishna, watch how Krishna fights with the serpent king and restores peace in Vrindavan.

When Lord Krishna was enjoying His childhood pastimes with His boyfriends in the forest of Vrindavana, one Aghasura demon appeared before the boys intending to kill them all. He was instigated by Kamsa. Aghasura expanded himself up to eight miles and assumed the shape of a very fat serpent. Then he stretched his mouth open just like a mountain cave. He lay on the forest path desiring to swallow all the boys along with Krishna and Balarama.

All the boys except Krishna marched forward along with their calves and entered the mouth of the gigantic serpent as they knew that Krishna would be able to kill him. The demon was awaiting Krishna’s entrance. When Krishna saw that His friends were already out of His hands and were lying within the belly of a great serpent, He also entered the mouth of the demon to protect His friends and calves.

The moment Aghasura tried to smash Krishna and His companions, Krishna began to expand Himself within the throat of the demon. As a result, the demon choked by the expanding of Krishna quickly suffocated. After the death of Aghasura, Krishna brought all the boys and calves back to consciousness with His transcendental glance and came out with them from the mouth of the demon.