Little Krishna Episode 11: The Mystery of the Vanishing Sheep

Once Krishna and his friends were playing thieves and police” on the top of the Govardhana Hill, when they came across a demon named Vyomasura.

Once, Krishna and His cowherd boyfriends were playing a game of “thieves and police” on the top of the Govardhana Hill. Some of them became police constables, some took the role of thieves and some acted like lambs. When the cowherd boys were playing in this way, a demon of the name Vyomasura, “the demon who flies in the sky,” appeared there. He joined the boys and took the role of a thief. Then he began to steal cowherd boys who were playing as lambs and carried them far away from the place. Thus he took away almost all the boys one by one and kept them in mountain caves and sealed the entrance of the caves with stones.

Lord Krishna could understand the motive of the demon. So He immediately caught hold of him. Vyomasura, in an attempt to escape from the hands of Krishna, assumed the size of a hill by expanding himself, but Krishna would not let him get out of His firm grip. Then the Lord immediately threw the demon to the ground with great force and killed him. Having slain the demon Vyomasura, Krishna released all the boys concealed in the caves of the mountain. The cowherd boys as well as the demigods praised Krishna for His wonderful pastime.