Pune Screening of 83 in ISL

ISH News successfully held the screening of 83 movie in ISL in Pune! To know more about the action packed event, watch our latest video.

83 in ISL’s second screening was held in Pune at the Jawaharlal Memorial Hall. 700 Deaf individuals from the age of 12 attended the screening. Ranveer Singh the film’s lead actor who was supposed to attend the screening shared a video message as he had to travel. Even his speech was translated into ISL and made accessible to the Deaf. 

This is ISH News’ second project after translating The Kashmir Files in ISL. This is a historic event for the Deaf Community as for the first time movies have been translated into their native language, ISL.

Singh said, ‘ISH News has collaborated with Reliance Entertainment to translated 83 in ISL! Wow! I'm always looking for opportunities to open up a conversation about the Deaf people in India. Hope this screening triggers more conversations related to this important issue. The entire team of 83 has given their blood, sweat and tears in making this film and I hope we manage to entertain and inspire you all.’ 

ISH News Founder & CEO Alok Kejriwal said, ‘ISH has approached many Directors and Producers to translate their serials, web series, movies, nursery rhymes and video content into ISL. We hope they now realise the importance of Indian Sign Language translation in the entertainment industry to make content accessible. This will help Deaf Community understand the dialogues and get the full experience of Indian Cinema.’ 

The movie will be showcased across India and the next screening for 83 in ISL will be in Pune on the 20th November and Nagpur on 18th December.

ISH News is India’s first company broadcasts the Daily News and Entertainment online in Deaf-friendly accessible formats which are in Indian Sign Language (ISL), visual images with titles, voice-over and closed-captions. These videos can be found on all social media platforms. Apart from this ISH also translates movies. TV serials like Colour’s Shakti and has also worked with companies like Amul, Chola and Dettol to translate their advertisement in ISL