ISL Translation of #DettolAnthem - Mil ke Harayenge

ISH News in Collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser, has translated Dettol’s Anthem - "Mil ke Harayenge" into Indian Sign Language. Click on the link, to enjoy the fully accessible advertisement!

For years, Deaf individuals have flipped past TV channels, with bored expressions as they are unable to understand spoken language. Nothing on Television was accessible to them. Unlike hearing people, Deaf people were never able to make informed choices after watching advertisements. But all this is about to change. This is because, for the first time on the Indian Television, an advertisement has been translated into Indian Sign Language. Yes! An Advertisement is now accessible to the Deaf! 

This dream of "inclusion" that millions of Deaf individuals had for a very long time, was finally made into reality because of Reckitt Benckiser's collaboration with ISH News, to translate the Anthem of its brand Dettol -  "Mil ke Harayenge" into Indian Sign Language. Two versions of the advertisement, 30secs and 60secs have been translated into ISL! The videos have reached 400 million viewers! 

You can watch the entire advertisement with ISL translation by visiting these links: 

ISL Translation of #DettolAnthem - Mil ke Harayenge:

ISL Translation of #DettolAnthem - Mil ke Harayenge (Full Version):

ISH News is very proud to have collaborated with Reckitt Benckiser as it is a company that believes in quality and customer satisfaction and we are truly impressed by the company’s dedication to inclusion and the provision of accessibility to People with Disabilities in India. This collaboration was intended to provide accessibility to the 18 million Deaf individuals. The ISL interpretation is a step closer to making all forms of entertainment Accessible in India. The goal of this project is to show that any form of video, TV serials, advertisements, movies, etc. can be made accessible to the Deaf Community via the power of Indian Sign Language and ISH News has the tools, resources and manpower to carry out the interpretations. Thanks to this wonderful collaboration, Deaf individuals now have the power to make informed decisions as the consumers in the demographic of the brands.

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