Be Thankful for What you Have

A touching story about a father and a son, and the importance of valuing the gifts of life.

A rich man had a son. The son, again and again, asked his father for a new car. He knew that his father was rich and could buy him a new car. But his father never agreed to buy the car for him. The son had just finished college. He passed his graduation. On the day of the graduation, the father called the son to his room. The father said,” Congratulations my son! You finished your studies and got a degree. I am very proud of you and for this, you deserve a gift!” The son was excited thinking his father had finally bought him a car. The son was very excited! The father handed over a box to the son. The son opened the box and inside was a nice thick book with a leather cover. The son’s name was embossed on it. The son was disappointed and said, “But I wanted a car! For so long I kept asking you for a car. You can’t fulfill one wish of mine?” The son got angry, threw the book down, and left the house.

After that day, the son never saw/met his father. The son became successful and rich like his father.

One day he realized that his father must be old. He thought about forgetting what happened in the past and decided to go to his father’s house the next day. As he was about to go to his father’s house, he got a message that his father had died. He was very sad. He reached his father’s house. The son began going through his father's things and was searching for important papers. He found the old leather book that his father had gifted him. He opened the book and flipped through the pages. Suddenly a car key fell from the back of the book. A tag was there along with the keg. On the tag, it was written “Paid in full. Wherever you go in this car, write

about your experiences and remember it forever. Love from Dad”. Looking at the key the son felt very sad for his behaviour.

Moral: No matter what you expect, be grateful for what you are given. It may be more of a blessing than you Think.