Do You Want More TV Serials in ISL?
Dec 19, 2020

Since we released the TV serial ‘Shakti’ with Indian Sign Language translation, we received so many requests to make other TV serials accessible. Watch our latest video to know how you can make this p

ISH News made history by making ‘Shakti’ TV serial accessible to the Deaf Community in ISL! As per the agreement with the TV Serial company, we released 5 episodes as a Pilot test and the response has been amazing! Sadly, episode 968 was the last episode. But wait. This is not the end! We have received requests to translate so many TV Serial & Movies. Looking at the response, our team is now even more motivated to work hard and continue providing such accessible services to you all. 

We have a small request from all of you. Please click on the link and fill out this simple survey form. The questions in the form are in English and translated in ISL as well! It will take only a few minutes. Information from these forms will help us convince TV Serial & Movie companies to provide ISL translation services. This way ISH News can continue creating such videos for you all in the future! Please tell everyone to fill out this form so that we collect more data as proof that you want to see TV Serials in ISL so we can use this information.Thank you so much for your constant support!