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New Batches for Basic & Advanced English Course

ISH Shiksha has launched new batches for basic and advance english course! Check out our video for more information!

BFDW Announces Special Computer Course for Deaf Women

BFDW announces a special computer course for Deaf women. This course aims to make Deaf women independent and empowers them! Watch the video for all the details.

3 New Batches For English Course!

For all those Deaf individuals wanting to read and write English, ISH Shiksha presents a 3-month English Course! Hurry and register now!

New Batch of English Course For the Deaf!

For all those Deaf individuals wanting to read and write English, ISH Shiksha presents a 3-month English Course! Hurry and register now!

DEEDS Free Cooking Course For The Deaf 2022

DEEDS Catering Institute which is certified by the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examinations has started admission for the DEEDS Cookery Course for the Deaf. Watch our video for more informat

Man Lost His Memory After Having Sex

In a weird incident, a 66-year-old man from Ireland was immediately taken to a hospital with short-term amnesia (memory loss) after having sex with his wife.

Health Benefits Of Raw Mangoes (Kachhi Kairi)

Raw Mangoes come along with a lot of childhood nostalgia and of course a very good taste, but did you know Raw mangoes have some extremely good health benefits too?

Learn to Make Yummy Mousse!

Now learn to make delicious mousse with ISH Shiksha! For all the course details, watch this video.

Learn Fluent English in Just 3 Months!

For all those Deaf individuals wanting to read and write English, ISH Shiksha presents a 3-month English Course! Hurry and register now!

World’s Longest Car has Helipad, Golf Course & Pool

Imagine owning a car which has a swimming pool, a golf course & a Helipad, Well someone actually owns it- Watch the full story.

Economics Classes for 11th Std Deaf Students

ISH Shiksha presents an Economics Course specially meant for students of 11th standard and is completely accessible! Watch our video for all the details!

Indian Sign Language Course to Start from 1 October ’21

ISH Shiksha’s ISL Course starts from 1st October 2021! So watch out video for all the details and apply!

RCI Provides Teacher Training Courses for the Deaf

Rehabilitation Council of India provides courses for which helps deaf individuals to become professional teachers. See the video to know more about the courses.

Crime Patrol Host Anup Soni Now A Real Live Investigator

Actor Anup Soni, who is known for hosting popular crime-based reality show Crime Patrol, has now completed a certificate course in Crime Scene Investigation.

Learn Indian Sign Language (ISL)

ISH Shiksha presents a fun course that will help you learn Indian Sign Language in just a month! Now learning ISL has become very easy. So hurry up and apply!

Come on Let’s Zumba!

ISH Shiksha presents a fun & energetic course - Zumba! So come on and apply. Share the video with your friends and family to enjoy this fully accessible fitness class!

Exciting Opportunity For Deaf People to Learn Arabic

‘Indian Arabic of Beginner for the Deaf’ has launched a fully accessible course that teaches Arabic to Deaf individuals.This course is completely free! Watch our latest video for all the details.

Deaf Taxi Driver in Paisley Convicted in Domestic Abuse Cases

Iftikhar Sharif (47) a deaf private cab driver in Paisley, Scotland was convicted and jailed for almost a year after he was engaging in a “course of conduct of physical violence and psychological abus

Men Die During Love Making in Africa & Nagpur

In 2020 a very strange incident happened in Malawi, Africa where a 35-year-old man named Charles Majawa collapsed during intercourse. Similarly another man in Nagpur died during intercourse after the

DEEDS NGO Provides Free Cookery Course for the Deaf

DEEDS Public Charitable Trust an NGO based in Khar, Mumbai, presents its 1-year cookery course for Deaf individuals. This course is completely free! So go ahead, watch our video to learn all the detai

64-Year-Old Retired Official Joins MBBS Course

A 64- year-old retired bank employee from Odisha who in order to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor has joined the MBBS course. He is the oldest student to take admission in medical college.

BMC Doctor Arrested for Taking 50 Lakh Bribe

The Assistant Dean of Sion Hospital was arrested on 23rd December for allegedly taking a bribe of rupees 50 lakh from an MBBS graduate for granting her admission to MD Paediatrics course.

Govt Says No to Make ISL Official

Government releases ISL dictionary but has no plans to declare ISL an official language. A severe shortage of trained interpreters and the lack of courses for learning ISL has complicated matters for