ISL Course 15th Batch Starts From 30th October 2023

A new one-month Indian Sign Language course starts on October 30, 2023, with daily one-hour classes for our Hearing friends.

Register Here: 

These famous actors are communicating in Indian Sign Language. Wow! Also, the movie trailer had ISL interpretation. Wonderful! 

Are you all interested in learning ISL? Well, no worries. We have an ISL course for you all. Interested? The course starts on 30th October 2023. You would want to know the duration and the timings of the course. It is a one month course with one hour class everyday. Excited to join, right? Do you know that this is the 15th batch? Amazing!

Here are the contact details. For any queries, you can contact this number between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm. Contact number: 

You all Deaf friends can ask your hearing friends, relatives and family members to apply for ISH Shiksha's ISL Course. After the course, they will be able to communicate with the Deaf better. Share the message!