New Batch of Basic and Advanced English Course Starts on 18th March 2024

Deaf-accessible English courses by ISH Shiksha, taught in sign language, empower independent communication. Contact: 8657980725.

We seen many Deaf people desperately wanting to improve their knowledge. They all want to improve their English. They want to improve their English reading and writing skills. Deaf people want to send emails and messages independently without depending on others for help. But they face so many difficulties and are amazed at the fluency of hearing people. This is because hearing people grow up with Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, etc. as their first language. This is why when they grow older it is easy for them to learn a 2nd language such as English. They can understand what the teacher teaches.

What about the Deaf? For example some Deaf wonder why they are not able to understand English when their mother tongue is Marathi. Other Deaf grow up using Hindi or Tamil but they all fail to learn English. Why is that? This is because Deaf's first language is Sign Language and they are fluent in it. Now they want to learn English, but when they go to school teachers don't use Sign Language and whatever is taught orally cannot be understood. While teaching orally, the teacher speaks in Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, etc. which is not understood by the Deaf. There is a lot of misunderstanding and miss out a lot of learning in life. 

Don't worry. Your life is not wasted. You know Sign Language, right? ISH Shiksha is ready with an English course made specially for you. You will learn easily as the teacher is Deaf. Just like you the teacher is Deaf and fluent in Sign Language! You can easily understand her explanations and this will make learning English very easy! We really feel you will improve. Wonderful! 

There are 2 courses - Basic and Advanced. In order to join the advanced course, you need to know the basics of English well. If you pass the assessment by the teacher, you can join the Advanced course and if not, you will be asked to join the Basic course. The Basic English course will be held for 1 hour everyday from Monday to Friday for three months. Similarly, the Advance English course too will be held for 1 hour from Monday to Friday for three months. There are different timings you can choose from. Fees is Rs 3000. Rs 3000 is for 3 months. That's it! Advance course fees too is Rs 3000 for three months. Fees for Basic and Advanced courses are the same.

Excited? Do apply! In 3 months of learning you will be able to independently send email, messages etc. It is an opportunity to learn that you missed in your childhood. If you know signing, whatever your age, you can learn English. Do not miss the opportunity! Quickly register and see you in the class!

You can contact this number: 8657980725 for any queries. Kindly call only for enquiring about the English course and not for your personal problems.