Exciting Opportunity For Deaf People to Learn Arabic

‘Indian Arabic of Beginner for the Deaf’ has launched a fully accessible course that teaches Arabic to Deaf individuals.This course is completely free! Watch our latest video for all the details.

In India, Deaf Muslims have been able to learn languages such as English but many have been unable to learn Arabic since there is no accessibility. Hearing Muslim individuals have been able to learn Arabic. Deaf individuals want the same equality to learn the language but there is no accessibility for this. Indian Arabic of Beginner for the Deaf, since 15th February started their courses on WhatsApp & Telegram. Many Deaf Muslim students started applying to learn Arabic. Since then 147 students have applied and more were applying. 150 Deaf Muslim women have also applied for the course. This course is completely free. The organisation is in the process of registration and will also announce their logo soon.

Deaf Muslims interested to learn Arabic can contact three individuals.

  1. Mahammed K. P from Karnataka - 90741 63961

He is an Arabic teacher that teaches students through WhatsApp and Telegram.

  1.  Sahad CM is from Kerala - 97450 71935

Once you learn Arabic, he will teach about Namaz and the 7 verses of the Surah-Al-Fatiha.

  1.  Aneesh Muhammadunny is from Kerala - 97450 71935

He is planning to set up counselling se3. ssion and provide food packages to the needy.

You can contact these three individuals.

There are many more Deaf Muslim leaders across India. Here are their contact details: 

Mohd Sohail (Madhya Pradesh)                                            

+91 90394 66575

Syed Faisal (Uttar Pradesh)

+91 88747 31280

 Kafeel Khan (Rajasthan)

+91 75681 65038

 Md Sohaib (Jharkhand)

+91 88255 26267  

Abdul Ghani (Hyderabad)

+91 90322 46368 

There are many Muslim sects such as the Tablighi Jamaat, Shia, Mujahid, Sunni, etc. Everyone is welcome to apply and learn from this course. Nobody will be excluded. You start applying at the numbers mentioned earlier. Classes on WhatsApp & Telegram will not be held because of Ramadan. Classes will resume from 31st May post Ramadan. 

The organisation has three objectives:

1. They want to encourage Deaf Muslims across India to learn Arabic.

2. Currently there are many different ISL signs for Islamic words across the country creating confusion. Their aim is to have a united discussion to create standard ISL signs for words.

3. Muslims who have lost homes in natural calamities, orphans, underprivileged families, divorcees, etc will be given funds by them in the future.