ISL Course 7th Batch Starts 11th July 2022

ISL Course 7th Batch Starts 11th July 2022! Hurry & Apply!

Hello to all the hearing people! How are you all? You must have seen ISH Shiksha releasing new words in ISL everyday. By learning these now I am sure you all are interested in Sign Language! If you have a Deaf friend, Deaf son, Deaf siblings, etc. learning these words would have helped you to communicate and build a good rapport with them. But are you interested in learning sentences, stories in ISL, and details about the Deaf Culture? Then apply for ISH Shiksha's ISL Course. It's a 1 month course. Classes will be from Monday to Friday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Just one hour. Classes begin from 9th May 2022.

Come on, apply! The fee is Rs. 2000/-. Registration on the ISH Shiksha website is very easy! Deaf individuals can inform their hearing siblings, family, friends,  about the course. Similarly, hearing people who love their Deaf child, siblings, friends, and wish to communicate with them, apply for the course.

Register Here: