Economics Classes for 11th Std Deaf Students

ISH Shiksha presents an Economics Course specially meant for students of 11th standard and is completely accessible! Watch our video for all the details!

Hello everyone! Are you in the 11th standard and having difficulties with your studies? Are you interested in Economics but are not receiving accessible education? Do you not understand and simply copy to pass the exam? Or do you end up failing? Economics is a useful & important topic that helps you understand the financial situation of the country.


There is good news for you. ISH Shiksha something new! It's an economic course for students of the 11th standard! The teacher will teach using Sign Language! Are you excited! Here are details about the teacher. This is the teacher's sign name. His name is Sohail Shaikh. He finished his 11th & 12th studies in the commerce stream from a college in Pune. He then flew to USA's Gallaudet University in 2006. There he studied business administration. Now Sohail runs a business with his father-in-law in Mumbai. He is going to teach various economic terms! Are you excited to apply?


The register is at the ISH Shiksha website. Here is the link:  


Classes will be after 8:00 pm on Zoom. It will be for a duration of 2 months and the fees will be Rs 2,000. He explains and clears all your doubts. This is very beneficial. After you apply for the batches, they will begin once there are enough students and then the dates will be announced. Are you interested? The come on!


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