ISL Course 2nd Batch Starts From 6th December 2021!

ISL Course 2nd Batch Starts From 6th December 2021! Hurry & Apply!

I am happy to announce that when we launched ISH Shiksha's ISL Course, we received many applications. The course quickly got over in a month. Deaf Culture, sentences, words, stories, etc. were the various topics that were covered. The hearing students really enjoyed the course. 1-month may seem like a short span of time but it led to a major change in them. They learnt basic communication skills which are essential to communicate with the Deaf. Why am I telling you all this? It is because PM Modi has extended her support to Sign Language

How amazing! This is why it's a good time for you all to apply & learn. I want to tell you something. When the course started, the hearing students did not know anything about the Deaf, Sign Language, Deaf culture, etc. They applied on a whim and in just 1-month they quickly picked up. They have even expressed their feelings regarding the course. Have a look at this video clip. Hello! This is my Sign Name.

I am from Rajasthan's Kota. I am 19 years old and I enjoy learning ISL! Hello! My name is Nirali and this is my Sign Name. This is my Sign Name because I love craft. Learning ISL is the best! Did you see that? They signed and expressed their feelings! Honestly they learnt all this in just 1 month! I want you all to encourage your hearing siblings, parents, childhood friends, colleagues, etc to apply for the course as it is only for 1 month! It's a very short course. You can learn important topics like the meaning of Deaf Culture, framing sentences in Sign Language, words, stories and basic communication skills.

Hearing individuals can learn and easily sign when they meet Deaf people. It's very useful! So quickly apply! The Batch starts from 6th December and classes will be from Monday to Friday. It will be from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. It is only a 1-month course and the fees are Rs 2,000. 

For registration check out this link:  

Registration will hardly take time! So hurry, do not delay and share it with everyone.