ISL Course 5th Batch Starts 25th March 2022

ISL Course 4th Batch Starts From 25th March 2022! Hurry & Apply!

Hello everyone! Are you having difficulties communicating with your hearing sister? You are finding it difficult to communicate with your Deaf friend? Are you Deaf and are having problems with your hearing parents? There is no problem between Deaf and hearing people. There is only one point. The point is Sign Language. Just by learning there everyone can communicate easily! See I am right? Am I not? Aah! So go ahead and inform your hearing sibblings, parents, friends, office colleauges, etc. that ISH Shiksha has an ISL Course! This is the 5th batch of the course. It starts on 25th March. The timings are from 8pm to 9pm. It's just for 1 hour! The class are from Monday - to Friday for a month. The fees are just Rs 2,000. It's so cheap! Registration is very easy. Go on and inform everyone.

For registration check out this link: 

ll hardly take time! So hurry, do not delay and share it with everyone.