Come on Let’s Zumba!

ISH Shiksha presents a fun & energetic course - Zumba! So come on and apply. Share the video with your friends and family to enjoy this fully accessible fitness class!

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to complete lockdowns. Earlier life was so different! We could go out and workout with friends, cycle, swim, play cricket and enjoy the outdoors with friends. Sadly because of the lockdown we are unable to go outside and have to remain at home. Since we can't go out we are bored and this leads to a decrease in physical activity. Some of you might think of using Apps or virtual exercise options. Since it is in the spoken language, there is no accessibility and you are stuck again.

ISH Shiksha, brings to you a new course! That is Zumba! Do you know that in Zumba, you can dance and exercise! These classes will be online on ZOOM. You can convince your friends to join the course so that you all can enjoy and socialise. The class will be taught by certified Zumba instructors Bhavya Shah and Dhrishti Nagpal. They are hearing instructors so an interpreter will be present to provide complete accessibility. Anyone and everyone is allowed to participate in this Zumba class. Individuals, continuously working from home the whole day, school and college students studying at home, housewives, retired senior citizens who are bored at home, and many others make perfect candidates for our Zumba class. Zumba will help you destress, refresh the mind and brighten your mood. It will help you lose weight and revitalise. Fees for this class is very nominal. So hurry and apply! If you have any major past injuries due to accidents, fractures, back injuries, etc. Please consult with your doctor before applying. If your doctor permits, then you can apply. If the doctor says no, then do not apply. Your safety is a priority. Please share this video with your friends, siblings, relatives, neighbours, etc. These Zumba classes are not only for the Deaf but also for hearing. So that you all can enjoy together! 

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