Basic & Advanced English Course Batches Start From 2nd May 2023

For all those Deaf individuals who want to read and write English or improve their English literacy, ISH Shiksha presents Basic and Advanced Courses! Hurry and register now!

Hello everyone! These days when people send messages to each other, many find it very difficult to phrase replies in English. People refer to Google and use the search engine to copy paste their responses. Many use Grammarly to correct their sentences as well. People keep doing such things to form their replies. When you meet someone in person, writing something to communicate is difficult. There is no auto-correct to help you, you have to write with your hands. You need to know how to express yourself and not completely rely on your phone. Secondly you can not keep asking people to help you phrase sentences.

You can write on your own! How? Well ISH Shiksha has an English course for you! There are 2 courses. The first is a basic English course and the other is an advance English course. Excited? Great! Those who know basic English can opt for the advanced course. You will be asked certain questions, if you answer them properly, you will be accepted in the advance level. Otherwise you will have to take the basic course. It is important that you complete the basic course and advance properly.

Those who have a good grasp over English

Contact them for all the information.

The basic and the advance course is a 3-month course. The fees are Rs 3,000 and have to be paid at the time of enrollment. The course starts from 2nd May 2023 and will be for 1 hour from Monday to Friday. Isn't that amazing!

Excited to know who the teacher is? Well the teacher is Mona Shah. She is an amazing teacher, Since she is Deaf herself, she has amazing signing skills and you will easily understand the information.
You will really enjoy it! Excited? Then hurry and apply!