New Batch of English Course For the Deaf!

For all those Deaf individuals wanting to read and write English, ISH Shiksha presents a 3-month English Course! Hurry and register now!

Are you not well? Do you have a fever? Then go to the doctor. How will you communicate? You can communicate through writting. What happened? Why so nervous? Are you afraid of writting? Oh you are afraid and lack confidence? Hmm just like you there are many who lack the same confidence! It is important that you apply for a basic English Course. Are you all eager to apply for such a course? Then ISH Shiksha has one just for you! It will be taught by a teacher named Mona Shah! Her explanations in ISL will be easily understood by you and learning English will be very interesting. So come on apply! The class starts from 1st August 2022. The timings are from 7:45pm to 8:45pm. It is only for 1 hour. It will be held from Monday to Friday for 3 months. That's it! The classes will be held on ZOOM.

People across India and those interested in learning English can apply! Amazing! The fees are Rs 3,000.

This is for 3 months. That's it! It doesn't mean 1 month's fees are Rs 3,000. No! This means its Rs 1,000 for 1 month. How cheap! So hurry and apply! Registration on ISH SHiksha website is very easy!




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