Why You Must Learn Sign Language? Join us on 26th Feb to Find Out!

Join ISH Shiksha's Basic Indian Sign Language Course to learn a valuable skill, connect with the Deaf community, and promote inclusivity, starting from 26th February 2024.

Learn Indian Sign Language with ISH Shiksha! Join our 18th batch of Basic Indian Sign Language Course starting from 26th February 2024.

1. Easy Communication: ISL is perfect for noisy places like clubs or streets, where verbal communication is tough. It's also great for chatting through soundproof glass!

2. Connect with the Deaf Community: With 63 million Deaf individuals in India, learning ISL opens doors to a vibrant community and unique perspectives.

3. Stand Out: Adding ISL to your skillset impresses employers and sets you apart. It's a unique addition to your CV/resume!

4. Mental Workout: Mastering ISL boosts memory, mental skills, and multitasking abilities, keeping your brain sharp.

5. Promote Inclusivity: By learning ISL, you support inclusivity and accessibility, creating a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive.

Course Details:

- Schedule: Monday to Friday, one-hour classes daily

- Fees: ? 2000/-

- Register Here: https://www.ishshiksha.com/learn-indian-sign-language/ 

Don't miss this chance to learn and grow! Register now and be part of the ISH Shiksha community. We're excited to welcome you!