Learn Indian Sign Language (ISL)

ISH Shiksha presents a fun course that will help you learn Indian Sign Language in just a month! Now learning ISL has become very easy. So hurry up and apply!

From time to time, you have seen Deaf people communicating in Sign Languages and wondered what it is like to learn a new method of communication without involving sound, i.e. a kind of VISUAL communication commonly used by millions of Deaf people in the world.

Well do you know that you can even learn Indian Sign Language (ISL)? 

Why is it important to learn ISL ? Just like how hearing individuals may use Hindi, English, Tamil, etc to communicate with each other, Deaf individuals use ISL to communicate with each other. Learning ISL helps you in your career and enables you to communicate with the Deaf people. This course is very beneficial for hearing parents with Deaf children, hearing individuals having a Deaf person in the family, or friends. It is also for professionals like police officers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, etc. to communicate with Deaf people. 

It is a 1-month course from Monday to Friday for 1 hour each. It costs Rs. 2,000 per course. We have two batches. 1st Batch - 5:30pm to 6:30pm & 2nd Batch 6:30pm to 7:30pm with limited seats. Learning ISL with ISH Shiksha is fun, informative and it will help you to understand the Deafness, its rich culture and language, and enables you to communicate effectively with the Deaf people. All Deaf individuals who are watching this video, if you have any relatives like brother, sister or any friend interested in learning ISL do share this video with them so they can apply! Also if there are any Deaf individuals who do not know ISL are also welcome to apply. So come on and apply!

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