Learn Indian Sign Language: Batch 19 Starts on 15th April 2024!

Learn Indian Sign Language with ISH Shiksha's 19th batch starting from April 15, 2024, and explore the unique mode of communication based on signs, gestures, and expressions. Contact: 7208302075

Cricket season is here, and we're all reveling in the umpires signaling fours, sixes, wickets, wides, no balls, and much more. But did you know there's a whole language based on such signs? Yes! It's called Indian Sign Language. Here, communication happens entirely through signs, gestures, and expressions. Would you like to learn this unique mode of communication? If so, here's a special gift for you. The 19th batch of ISH Shiksha's Indian Sign Language Course is commencing from April 15, 2024 (Monday), and admissions are now open. You can register using the link provided: [https://www.ishshiksha.com/learn-indian-sign-language/](https://www.ishshiksha.com/learn-indian-sign-language/) or contact 7208302075 for more details.