Lucknow: Hurry Buy Tickets For 83 in ISL!

Tickets for the Lucknow screening of ISL are now open! Watch our latest video for all the details.

Wherever the movie 83 with ISL interpretation was screened in India, people loved the movie and were inspired by it. 

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh desperately wanted to screen the movie. Wow! Are you excited? Well, we are ready. This is the date. There are 2 timings. You can choose either of the timings. The seating capacity is 200. You can contact them for the tickets. So, go ahead and quickly book your tickets. If you wait till the end, you will miss the show. So, hurry up! This is the venue of the auditorium in Lucknow.

Let me tell you some rules. Once you buy the tickets, you cannot cancel it. You won't take it back. Instead you can exchange it with your friends. You will enjoy watching 83 with ISL interpretation. Don't miss it. After watching the movie you will feel proud of our country. You will feel inspired. So, Don't miss it. Share this with your friends. See you there soon.

Contact us for 83 Tickets:

Rishi Kant: 06275

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