Indore Launches Helpdesk at Airport to Help Deaf

Indore airport have set up ‘May I Help You’ counters at the airport to help Deaf passengers. Watch the video for all the details.

Deaf people visiting Airports have to face difficulty in getting information about flight operations or other services and facilities. But now they won’t face any problem if they visit Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport which is located in Indore. Indore airport authorities are planning to set up ‘May I Help You’ counters at the airport to help Deaf passengers. These counters would be started within a week. Airport director Aryama Sanyal said, there will be two such counters at the airport. One will be at arrival hall and the other at departure hall.

She added that these helpdesks will be for all visitors and passengers but it will have employees who will be trained properly to communicate in sign language with Deaf and Mute individuals.She claimed that this is the 1st time when an Airport is going to have such service.

These help desks will have updated information about flight operations, airport facilities and services and emergencies.According to the officials they don’t see many such passengers with speech or hearing disabilities but whenever they do the staff face difficulties to help them.The staff use pen and paper and ask them to write down their query and this is sometimes time consuming and because of which other passengers had to wait in queue. So to solve this problem they came up with this solution. Such helpdesks should be started in all the airports across India.